Fishing Line

The UHMWPE line is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. This fiber has the strongest tensile strength in the world. No else material can compare it. It was successfully manufactured by the Dutch company DSM. Named it “ Dyneema”; The second company who developed it, it was Honeywell of the United States, named it “Spectra”. China is the third country that has successfully developed it.

Braided fishing line is made from more than 4 strands of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. For example, it has 4 braided, 6 braided, 8 braided, 9 braided, 12 braided, 16 braided.  It has super high tensile strength (5 times that of nylon) and super abrasion resistance, winding resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, higher sensitivity, faster water cut and non-absorbent water.

When is it easy to use spinning wheels around UHMWPE braided fishing line ?

1. It is easy to use when the wire cup is shallow

One advantage of the braided fishing line is that when the tension value is the same, the thread diameter is very thin compared to the nylon thread, so it allows us to use a shallower thread cup. For example, it is a very good choice for fishermen who require low overall weight of fishing gear and cannot cast for a long time. Because the shallow cup fishing reel is very small and light, it is also more flexible when casting.

2. It is easy to use when fishing big fish

Based on the high-strength characteristics of the braided fishing Line, it is unparalleled in terms of tension value, so it has become the nemesis of the big fish. To catch a big fish, you have to catch a long distance. When using a spinning wheel and a strong braided fishing line, you can not only throw far, but also have a higher chance of winning when you are in a big fish. However, it is not very suitable when fishing small fish, mainly because the fish is small because the fish is small, the fish has no hand feeling, and the drifting performance is not too accurate.

3. It is easy to use when making long shots for fishing

Due to the lower ductility and the thinner wire diameter, when casting, the resistance is small and the force transmission is more in place. In addition, the wire body itself is relatively smooth, so the wire is fast, and with the same strength, There are more meters in the line, so you can catch farther.


For example, in some plain waters, the shallow water area is very extensive, and tens of meters out are basically shallow water areas, but the big fish must stay in the deep water area, in the middle of the water. Then we are required to use a long rod, a hard rod, and a fishing line of longer meters. At this time, the braided fishing line can play this role, as long as you choose a fishing reel with a deeper line cup.

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